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 Promoting Love, Hope, and Charity
Current Building Built 2001

The Origination of Benevolent Lodge Order #210 
The Benevolent Society of Port Royal Tennessee was organized in October 1872 in a log cabin school room located on Sugar Camp Branch.  Dennis Neblett was the first president and organized this society with 30 members from the Montgomery County area, and the membership eventually increased to 150 members.  The Society was affiliated with the church, and the mission was to assist the disabled, nurse the sick, and bury the dead.

On April 30, 1874, the body represented by Sammuel Cross, Joseph Wilcox, Pembroke Hillard and James Wilcox petitioned the Chancery Court of Montgomery County, presided by the Honorable Chas G. Smith, for the incorporation of a charitable and Benevolent Society under the names and style of Montgomery County Benevolent Society with powers to establish Branch Societies.  

On July 3, 1884, a resolution was duly passed and recorded to establish a Branch Order under a Charter at Port Royal District No. 5 under the name and style of the Benevolent Society No. 3 Branch Colored Benevolent Society.  The resolution was passed under rules and regulations that said Society No. 3 shall not have any rights to reestablish any Branch Society without applying to the said mother Society at Clarksville, Tennessee.  The Charter is recorded in corporation record book 4 on page 103 in the Office of Secretary of the state of Tennessee.

The Benevolent Society was reorganized May 2, 1908 as Benevolent Treasure No. 7.  It also had a branch of juveniles between the ages of 4 years to 16 years.  

On April 9, 1909, a resolution was passed by the Delegated Assembly to establish and charter a branch society known as Branch No. 210 at Port Royal, Tennessee or  better known as Benevolent Lodge Order No. 210.  This Branch was organized as a free and independent Order and is in control and management of its own property and affairs subject only to the jurisdiction, rules, and laws of the Delegated Assembly.  It is not controlled or ruled by any other Order or Branch, and it is not bound for the debts, obligations, or contracts of any other Order or Branch, except by express agreement.

The Home of Benevolent Lodge Order #210
In the early 1890s, the Order bought a plot of land on the principal street of Port Royal, where they erected a modest little hall under the presidency of P.W. Warfield.  The Order occupied this space for approximately 18 years before selling it to Bill Carter. When the old Carr home near Port Royal was dismantled, the land was purchased by Joshua Ford who sold it off in lots.  The Order appointed Jerry Fort and Henry Grant as Trustees to purchase a three acre track of this land on the North side of Port Royal road between property owned by Jerry Fort and G.W. Watson.  The organization planned to use this property for burials and for parade ground.  This land was later sold to Jane Davis, Lecie Hollin, and George Watson for a sum of twenty-five dollars an acre.

In April 1908, the Society built a new hall on the land they currently occupy.  The hall was built by Boyd Grant at a sum of $681.00, and it was later underlined with rock by Boston Potes for $25.00.  The building was preserved in it's original state and served the Society until August 18, 1994 when it was burned to the ground by a White Supremacist Group.  The building that is currently in use was built and dedicated in 2001.
       Benevolent Treasure No. 7 Built 1908                             Benevolent Treasure No. 7 Burned August 18, 1994

Our Mission

Since our inception in 1872, our mission has been to assist the disabled, nurse the sick, and bury the dead.  It is our intent to continue this tradition by promoting health, education, welfare, and community service without regard to race, color, creed, religion, or disabling conditions.

In fulfillment of our rich heritage of promoting love, hope and charity, we sponsor an array of civic/charitable activities in the Clarksville-Montgomery County area, such as giving monetary gifts to widows and the needy, gift baskets, health screenings, mentoring the youth, and awarding incentive grants and scholarships to college students.

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